White stock | preparation of white stock

The procedures for making white stock differs from that of brown stock mainly in that, Rather than roasting the bones they are Blanched. Blanching helps in Rid of impurities in bone.

1) The bones were break into 3" to 4"  pieces and were rinsed in cold water

2) cold water was added to bone and bones was covered with cold water.

3) The pot was bring to boil then the liquid was drained out and bones were rinsed

4) Again the bones were put in pot with fresh cold water 

5) The pot was bring  to boil and the temperature of heat was lowered for simmering.

6) The scum were skimmed and Mirepoix were added

7) skim of impurities was constantly done along with simmering

8) Finally it was strained.

6 to 8 hour is the maximum time required for extracting full flavour for beef ,veal,Mutton and lamb stock where as 2 hour for chicken stock. Fish stock should be cooked only for 20 minutes. If cooked too long ,the flavour will suffer .

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