Guest Theft and Employee Theft In Hotel

Guest Theft and Employee theft is common problem for all hotels of the world. 

There are incidents where guest take away items that are not meant to be taken away by them. The item may be picture frame , kettle, towels , bathrobe e.t.c  Guest theft can be discouraged only as some items are meant for take away :-

1.  Hotel can sell monogrammed towel, bath rob through hotel gift shop. The guest will have option of purchasing these items which may prevent theft. 

2. Many guest wants to take items as souvenier of hotel so use few monogrammed items as possible in hotel. 

3. Always keep the storage room closed and locked otherwise some guest may steal items from there.

4. Lamp should be large to fit in guest bag and many Equipment should be fitted with bolt and alarm. Items should be fixed to the wall.

5. Guest room should be well distanced from parking area otherwise it will be easier for guest to take items

6. Guest amenities should not be over stock in room . 


Two things are never excused in hotel line , harrashment and employee theft. Employee also steals valuables from hotel as they are tempting . Employee thefts can be controlled by :-

1. While screening applicants for the job, check background and check for their criminal convictions

2. Orientation and training programmes should emphasize the value of honesty.

3. Good stock taking procedure should be followed and good inventory control procedure 

4. All store room should be kept lock and the keys should be signed when ever returned

5. Employee should not hand key to each other . They should use key assigned to them and return after finishing task

6. Employee parking should be well lighted and far 

7. Employee should be screen by security staff  each time they depart from duty.

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