Sickness and Death of Guest In Hotel

Sickness and Death of Guest In Hotel

The problem of sick guest is common to all hotel across the globe . Mainly sick guest is found by Housekeeping personnel and handled.  If the guest is too sick medical person should be brought in attention. The medical personnel may be house doctor or hospital. ill guest should be  frequently visited by house keeping and care must be taken for their diet , medicine. If guest is sick convey the message to your senior or supervisor who will then convey to General manager. Front office is also brought to attention . Handle guest with communicable /contagious illness carefully. Sick guest will be examined , provided medical facilities and if necessary taken to hospital for further treatment.


Sometimes illness or accident lead to guest . If you found guest dead in his room or in property of hotel,  Do not touch him and his surrounding otherwise you may leave footprint which will affect to find cause of Death. The employee should lock the door and inform senior manager , general manager . Police is also informed and door is double locked . The body is taken from back door of hotel. After the death of guest in room, the room is quarantined for some weeks.


Lost and found articles are unclaimed articles found in hotel premises. All lost and found articles should be stored in lost and found cupboard or Room . This room is always kept lock and onlyexecutive housekeeper and control room supervisor have access to there. Forms are maintained regarding date of finding, time , place , description of article, name of founder . If the owner of artcle is known guest is contacted by front office through help of travel agency if needed. Sometimes letter is also written to guest mentioning about article. 
Articles are placed in lost and found from 3-6 months . If the guest don't wish to collect the item it is either given to founder with gate pass or taken in auction , given in charity. If the article is very valuable it can be kept for a year. Lost and found article is segregated into perishable, non perishable and valuable. If it is food item , it is kept for less than 14 days.

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