Stocks | Mirepoix | Bouquet-garni


liquid which has been simmered for a long time inorder to extract flavours from the ingredients used. Stock is usually made from vegetables and bones . Boiling will not let the flavours leach into the liquid as the pores of the bones would seal in high temperature and boiling will also make stock cloudy .

Stock are nutritious , aromatic and strongly-flavoured liquid . They are used in preparation of soups,sauce ,gravies . Stock should always simmer. 

MIREPOIX :- (meer-pwah)

It is combination of roughly chopped aromatic vegetables . Vegetables like carrots,celery,onion are used to add flavours and aroma to stock . The more finely Mirepoix is chopped the more quickly it's flavour and aroma is released in stock . For white stock 1/2 inch dice is best as brown stock is simmer for long time than white stock

Aromatic herbs used in preparation of stock are bouquet- garni.  Aromatic herbs like bayleaf, celery parsley are used.

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