Cooking - Importance and Golden rules

Cooking is an art and science . It was invented 2.3 Million years ago and  involves chemical change in food. Cooking is an art and science of preparation of food for eating by  application of heat. Different ingredients are used and  in the process flavour , texture , appearance and chemical properties of the ingredients are changed.


  • Cooking in suitable temperature kills bacteria present in the food
  • Cooking makes food easily chewable and digestible
  • Cooking imparts flavour in the food and enhance taste
  • Cooking also adds good eye appeal to the food
  • Cooking also gives diversity in food  and Menu
  • Cooked food provide us enough calorie to develop our brain
Golden Rules of cooking 

  • Always Add dried herbs at the beginning and fresh herbs at the end of cooking
  • Prepare all your ingredients before you cook
  • Don't go mad with heat
  • Don't overcrowd the pan
  • Use sharp knife 
  • Simplify the menu
  • Clean as you go
  • Taste food before you serve
  • Season properly
  • Serve at proper temperature
  • Cook food thoroughly
  • Store cooked food carefully
  • Wash your hand thoroughly
  • All work is team work
  • Do not add cold liquid during cooking time
  • Do not keep prepared food in temperature danger zone
  • Use proper kitchen equipment 
  • Use fresh ingredients for best results
  • Learn basic sauce 
  • Know the accompaniments 
  • Do not panic 
  • If you are confuse consult your seniors
  • Have respect for your passion
  • Perform mis-en-place in advance
  • Use ginger, garlic in meat and fish
  • Use quality and fresh ingredients

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