Herbs and spices | Importance of Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices are mainly used to give flavour and to season the dish. To use herbs and spices in right quantity is most challenging job for any chef. The dish could be spoilt by over seasoning. 

Spices and herbs includes natural products obtained from fruits ,seed , flower and bark of aromatic plants and trees. They enhance flavour of food. Spices are available in whole or ground form and one thing must be keep in mind  that spices should be stored properly after grinding. 


  • Herbs and spices can be used as medical purpose. The use of herbs and spices as medicine is practiced from ancient times . Ginger in water ,tea cures cold . Turmeric have antiseptic properties so used in cut ,swells. Clove oil relief tooth pain.

  • Herbs and spices also helps in digestion . Garlic , aniseed helps in digestion.

  • Herbs and spices Also enhance flavour of the food. Dishes would be bland if  spices and herbs are not used. They add flavour to the dish

  • Herbs and spices also improve appearance of dishes . They give colour to the food and improve appearance of the dish. 

  • They also act as preservatives i.e food items can be preserved for longer time with herbs and spices. Turmeric , ginger , garlic have preservative effect.

  • Herbs and spices gives variety to the menu.

  • Herbs and spices satisfy our hunger for food through taste 

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