Importance of public administration |

Without public administration the government cannot operate and manage its activities effectively or efficiently.

1. Instrument of governance :- 

The most important  function of a government is to govern ,Which is to maintain peace and public order and ensure safety , security of life , citizens. By and through public administration government governs state .

2. Instrument of social change and economic development :- 

It is a tool of the state to work for accelerating social and economic change on society . It helps in development .

3. Instrument of welfare state :-

The government has to provide many services for the welfare of state  and citizens. Different social security services and services related to education,health service are provided.  Public administration is a instrument for provision of such facilities.

4. Disasters management :-

At the time of national emergency and disaster administration co ordinates for national and international level to manage such problems.

5. Economic planning :-

6. Threat war :- 

7. Scientific and technological development

8. instrument for implementing policies 

9. Public relations. 

It acts as bridge between government and public .public relations are promoted.

10. Overall development and welfare of citizens.

11. Base of government

12. To make sure public money is not mis-used and wasted .

13. Instrument for social , economic change 

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