Invalid cookery | Important point for invalid

Invalid cookery is not a special method of cookery but we have to use our knowledge of baking, boiling, steaming and some rules especially to food prepared for the sick. An invalid has a weak appetite  and need special care . Wrong food may kill a patient and badly prepared food will retard recovery. Good food ,well cooked and served will do much toward saving patients life.

Important point for invalid | Rules for invalid cookery

  • Consult the doctor about the patient diet and obey his instructions.
  • Choose the food that will supply necessary nourishment and suitable to illness
  •  Serve food which can be digested easily
  • Served well balanced meals and meals should be prepared with care
  • In serious illness food is usually given  in liquid form
  • Slowly increase the food in variety  and amount.
  • Serve the best quality food and fresh food
  • Vary the method of cooking as much as possible
Suitable dishes :- 

Liquid - fresh fruit juice , barley water , lemonade
Solid food - white fish ,pancreas , liver dishes
Soft food - made with Milk e.g milk jelly , custard pudding
Khichadi , jaauli rice 

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