Kitchen | Organization chart of kitchen

Kitchen is an enclosed space where edible food materials are brought , stored, processed in hygienic environment for customer. The word kitchen is derived from French word ' cuisine' which meant art of cooking .kitchen is mainly used for preparing dishes and cooking .

The commercial kitchen is Responsible for production of right quantity and quality of food by following cost - control procedures without compromising on quality.


                              Executive chef
                              Executive sous chef
 1. Larder/Garde manger 
 2. saucier,Rotisserie,Grillandin,poissonaire
 3. Entremetier ,potager, legumer
 4. Patisserie (pastry and Bakery) 

                    These 4 are different section under Executive sous chef and performs each of their function separately .
Along each 4 sub division there are -
   Sous chef 
Chef de partie
Demi chef de partie
   Commis -I
   Commis -II
   Commis -III

This whole is organization chart of kitchen i.e structure of our kitchen which shows authority and responsibility along with hierarchy level. This is how our kitchen operates. It shows organization structure, unty of command and helps to maintain effective communication along with correct reporting system.


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