Kitchen planning | Layout of kitchen

The way in which part of kitchen in hotel is arranged is kitchen kitchen layout. A kitchen should be designed to ensure that staff do not move around too much while cooking, other wise it will cause fatigue and accident. Also it will improve Efficiency of staff and smooth work flow Which ensures timely pick up of food for a busy meal hours and the kitchen should give maximum efficiency of time and labour. 

Kitchen should be planned . Kitchen Layout is blue print of how our kitchen function. It also should be taken on mind that time and energy should also not be wasted. 

A good kitchen should be -
- planned to save time
- Easy for supervision
- should have efficient work flow
- Easy to clean
- Adequate work place 
- Able to work safely and efficiently

Primary planning consideration :- 

1. Working tables :-  stainless steel table would be good as it will be easy to clean and also it should be 3 feet above ground .

2. Flooring :- The floors should be easy to clean and non- slippery .

3. Shape :- Rectangular shape is preferred as it gives longer place to keep equipment

4. Aspect :- kitchen should be better facing east.

5. Ventilation and lightening :- There should be proper ventilation and lightening .

6. Doors should not be interconnected.

7. Windows should not be too large and should be easy to clean 


1. Types of menu
2. Type of meals 
3. customer expected
4. Food service offered
5. Number of course to be served.
Also several other factors needed to be planned like , changing rooms , rest room ,staff dining area , office , location of different equipment, central kitchen and cold kitchen.

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