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Larder means a cold place used for storage. In older times, when refrigerator was not very common and non - existent ,people used to build special places called larders were they used to store cheese , vegetables, meat products  and even wine . Our ancestors were predominantly farmer and their harvested produce had to be stored for longer time for longer time for consumption. 

In the hotel industry, larder kitchen refers to separate department associated with preparation of cold foods. Chef Garde manger is the head of cold kitchen. This department prepare various items such as salad and starters commonly known as hors d oeuvre in French. It also prepare cold meats , ice carving  to decorate buffet.  However it is now in dying stage as it was much common in past . It is the support kitchen and always located in the main kitchen of hotel Aside from that :-

  • Food items like meat ,poultry , fish and game are prepare and made ready for cooking.
  • They also have cold item found in menu ong with cold sauce , Salad , dressing.
  • It should be well lighted and ventilated
  • Larder of gardemanger is a 
  • Room set asides for the storage of perishable food both raw and cooked
  • It must be equipped with necessary fittings, machinery and tools according to volume of the work
Larder is a cool area for storage of food prior to use  and were common before use of refrigerator.

A larder should be as cool as possible and should be closed to food preparation area . It should be easy to clean and should be properly equipped with appropriate shelves and cupboard to the food being stored . 


In the past around 16 th century , maintaining ample supply of food was family sign of power, wealth and prestige so all powerful and noble families had large castles and mansion where larder was situated in cold, dark and secure room. Their larder was managed by household steward and was also known by officer de  boucher . This was a very important position because much of the food they monitored was butchered , pickled, salted , cured or smoked and it have to be managed properly throughout rest of the year. During french Revolution many cooks , gardemanger, chef were put out from their job.they found job / employment throughout Europe or own their own restaurant thus flourishing their tradition with more knowledge by working with different chefs . 


1. Refrigerator
2. Mincing machine
3. Slicing machine
4. Scales and weighting machine
5. Electric grinding machine
6. Griller/ toaster
7. Butcher blocks
8. Steel tables
9. Frying pans

Some tools required are 

Serving spoon and ladle 
Meat presses
Wooden utensils
Wooden spatula and spoon 

Moreover , some miscellaneous items are also there which includes :-

Cutter bat - for flattening cuts of meat
Trussing needles - poultry trussing
Larding needles - larding joints
Lemon zester - scrapping of lemon peel
Butcher hooks - hanging meat
Skewers - Skewers meat
Brino - Meter  = measuring density of brine

Note :- These equipment are kept clean by Washing in hot water , rinsing and drying and special care should be taken to prevent them rusting or deterioration.

Responsibilities of chef Garde manger 

  • He/she is the overall in charge of larder
  • He is responsible for efficient running of the department and for co- ordination of the work between staff.
  • Responsibility for the trainee and discipline of the larder staff
  • Responsible for storage of food stuff in correct place at correct temperature.
  • Responsible for hygiene in the department.
  • He is responsible for maintaining a correct inventory of food stuff brought and taken outside larder room
  • Ensure smooth functioning of larder department
  • To check quality and quantity of all foods.
  • To carry out portion control
  • The food is not over stock
  • Stock of food are regularly turned over following FIFO rules; first in first out.
  • Lack of co- ordination between department results in duplication of work and confusion and wastage. 


Refrigerator , mincing machine , butcher block , slicing machines , steel tables , scales and weighting machines , colander ,whisk, grater , chinosis

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