Linen movement and Sizes of Linen

Linen is used collectively to describe all Launderable items maintained, stored and issued for guest by Housekeeping department. It is second largest expenditure of Housekeeping department.

Guestroom linen consists of bed and bath linen. Many hotel have monogrammed their logo which is adding their hotel name and logo. 

Linen is divided into guestroom linen , food and beverage linen and health club linen. Guestroom linen is further divided into Bed and Bath linen . If linen is well maintained,laundered and properly stored its life can be expanded.

  • Centralized linen movement :- in this movement linen is stored in one central point i.e linen room and distributed to other section from there .

  • De- Centralized linen movement :- Each floor maintain its own par stock of linen. When necessary these are replenish from main linen room.par linen is stored in floor pantries.

Linen control is carried out in four phrases :-

1. Routine checking of linen for appearance and hygiene
2. Stock taking
3. Quantity control of daily flow of linen
4. Proper documentation of linen through linen room 

Types and size of linen

1.Sheets :

Small single.              72 * 108 inch
Standard single         80 *  117 inch
Double                        90 * 108 inch
Queen size.                108 * 117 inch
King size.                   117 * 126 inch

2. Pillowcase :

Standard.        20 * 30 inches
King size.        20 * 36 inches

3. Crinkle sheet 

Single.              72 * 108 inches 
Double             90 * 108 inches

4. Blankets

Single           70 * 100 inches
Double.         90 * 100 inches
Queen size   100 * 117 inches

5. Duvet covers

Single           55 * 80 inches
Double.        70 * 75 inches

6. Bath sheets.      40 * 70 inches

7. Bath towels.     30 * 54 inches

8. Face towels       20 * 40 inches

9.  Bath Mats.       24 * 36 inches

10. Hand towels.   15 * 24 inches

Note: wide variation in size of these products are also Found as American, European, Asian sizes.

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