Maid's Cart

Maid's Cart also called room attendant trolley is like a giant tool box , stocked with everything necessary to service a Guestroom effectively. Mostly they are made of metals but some times they are made of wood also . It have fixed wheel. It should be used very precisely and it should be well organized so that guestroom Attendant do not have to waste time in search for supplies. Most of these cart have three deep shelves. The lower two Is allcated for linen and top for small supplies . It also have sac for soiled linen, trash bag  and hand caddy. Heavier linen should be placed on lower shelf and smaller linen should be placed on the top shelf 

  • The smaller supplies like water bottles, water tumblers , ashtray , matchbox , sewing kit , cards light bulb, toilet rolls shampoo bottle, soap , conditioner bottles , are kept in top shelf. 

  • Broom , soiled linen bag , Hand caddy is kept on left side of sack 

  • Trash bag and vaccum cleaners are placed on right side of maid's Cart.

  • King sheets, Mattress protector , double sheets are placed in lower most shelf.

  • Bath mats , face towels , hand towels and pillow case are kept above heavier supplies

It should be always kept in mind that :-

  • The wheel of cart should be oiled properly

  • Trash bag should be removed after each use

  • It should be handle with care and parked at proper place 

  • It should be kept at floor pantry

  • Unnecessary and too much stacking should be avoided 

  • It should be properly stacked with all requirements.

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