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Cheese is also called fromage in French.  It takes 10 litre milk to produce 1 kg of cheese . Cheese is high concentrated food and is rich in fat , protein , minerals, salt and vitamin . It is believed that cheese making is pass from generation to generation.

Types of cheese 

1. Hard cheese
2. Soft cheese
3. Semi hard cheese
4. Blue - vein cheese

There are more than 400 varieties of cheese. Hard cheese is matured for longer time . A good hard cheese is difficult to cut . It have low moisture content. E g cheddar , parmesan , Derby , Edam .

Soft  cheese has high percentage of fat and moisture and is easy to spread. E g cream cheese , pammes

Blue vein cheese is flavoured with addition of some herbs and condiments. It is very expensive and used in spaghetti mostly.

Semi - hard cheese is matured with less moisture and have high fat content . It is easier to cut than hard cheese

Storage and usage of cheese :- 

1. Store in cool dry and well ventilated store
2. Cheese should be always served at Room temperature. 
3. Cheese should be kept away from smelling food
4. Grated cheese stored in jar will turn moldy.
5. Cheese tends to dry rapidly after cutting so proper care should be taken by wrapping with aluminium foil.

Cheese is used in various Italian dishes, garnishes as soup, pasta , cheese cakes , cheese pie . 

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