Mother sauce | Espagnole | Brown sauce


It is made by thickening brown stock with roux . It is made with tomato puree and roasted Mirepoix for deeper colour . Demi-glaze is derrivative of brown stock and widely used for other brown sauce derrivative.

Recipe for Brown sauce :

Ingredients.          5 litre.               1 litre
Butter                     300 gram.        60 gram
Flour.                      350 gram.        70 gram
Tomato puree.      150 gram.         30 gram
Brown stock.           8 litre.            1 1/4 litre
Butter.                     75 gram.          15 gram
Carrots.                   350 gram.        70 gram
Onions                     350 gram.        70 gram
Parsley,celery,bayleaf.  10 gram.    3 gram

Method of preparation :-

  • Prepare brown roux in a heavy bottomed pan and cool.
  • Add tomato puree constantly stirring to prevent lumps
  • Gradually mix in hot stock ,stirring to blend well and cook on gentle fire.
  • Saute the Mirepoix in fat and add sauteed vegetables to the sauce .
  • Simmer for 4-6 hour and remove scum when it comes to top.

Note : over browning should be avoided as this tends to make sauce bitter

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