Mother sauce | Espagnole | Brown sauce


It is made by thickening brown stock with roux . It is made with tomato puree and roasted Mirepoix for deeper colour . Demi-glaze is derrivative of brown stock and widely used for other brown sauce derrivative.

Recipe for Brown sauce :- 

Ingredients.          5 litre.               1 litre
Butter                     300 gram.        60 gram
Flour.                      350 gram.        70 gram
Tomato puree.      150 gram.         30 gram
Brown stock.           8 litre.            1 1/4 litre
Butter.                     75 gram.          15 gram
Carrots.                   350 gram.        70 gram
Onions                     350 gram.        70 gram
Parsley,celery,bayleaf.  10 gram.    3 gram

Method of preparation :-

Prepare brown roux in a heavy bottomed pan and cool.
Add tomato puree constantly stirring to prevent lumps
Gradually mix in hot stock ,stirring to blend well and cook on gentle fire.
Saute the Mirepoix in fat and add sauteed vegetables to the sauce .
Simmer for 4-6 hour and remove scum when it comes to top.

Note :- over browning should be avoided as this tends to make sauce bitter

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