Non development Administration and Development Administration | traditional Administration | Development Administration

 These two types of Administration differ from each other in terms of structure , method , purpose .


1. It is result oriented 
2. It target mass
3. It expects participation of people
4. It depends on planning
5. It is change oriented 
6. It is flexible and dynamic
7. It believes in decentralization
8. It is creative and innovative
9. It is concerned with new tasks
10. It aims welfare of public


1. It is also called traditional development
2. It function on peace , security and revenue collection
3. It is process oriented
4. It target certain group 
5. It expects Respect from people
6. It does not rely much on planning
7. It is Hierarchical and Rigid
8. It is concerned with routine operations
9. It believes in centralization
10. It resists organizational change 
11. It is status qui.
12. It is measure by welfare of elite and loyal toward elite 

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