Organization of cleaning

For cleaning to be efficient, it must be well organized . Different ways of organizing the cleaning of various areas are :-

1. Orthodox cleaning :-

It is also known as conventional cleaning or  traditional cleaning. In this way of cleaning, A guestroom Attendant completes all task in one guestroom before going onto next room.on an average, a guestroom attendant may be required to clean 12-20 rooms in an 8 hour workday.

2. Block cleaning :- In this way , the guestroom Attendant moves from room to room and completes the same task in every room , before returning to begin the cycle again for next task on list. It consists of more than one guest room attendant in section and blocking several rooms.

3. Team cleaning :- In this method , two or more people work together in same area either on same task or different task. Two guestroom Attendant may be scheduled to clean 30-35 guestrooms in a day

4. Deep cleaning :- Deep cleaning refers to intensive cleaning schedule in which periodic cleaning task are scheduled for monthly, half yearly , yearly . Some co - ordination from maintenance department is also required. It is essential for some areas which cannot be clean on daily and weekly basis and some tasks that are complicated, time consuming, require special equipment and team effort. It includes some task like :- shampooing carpet, polishing wooden furniture, Thoroughly cleaning of walls , windows and curtain, cleaning hard to reach areas.

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