Politics adminstration dichotomy | politics and administration

Politics adminstration dichotomy states business of administration is not business of politics . They are two different things.   Woodrow Wilson published ' study of public administration book in 1887 where distraction between public administration and political science is done. Before it, public administration was also treated as branch of political science.  It removed spoiled system.

In 1900 goodnow also supported Wilson theme and state politics and adminstration are two distinct function of government as politics formulate policies and administration execute policies. 

In 1926 L.D WHITE published a book where theme of dichotomy between politics and administration is shown which emphasized politics and administration are to be kept separate. If politics gets into administrative matter , administrative matter will be influenced by politics .

The distinction between these two concept is referred as politics- administration dichotomy.   politics will get into administrative matter if they are not separated.

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