Pork | Cut of porks

The flesh of pig is referred as pork. Pig are slaughtered at 10 - 14 month of age . In pig the cut with less fat are less tender and have less flavour . Pig feeds on garbage and act as host for tapeworm so care must be taken while rearing and cooking it's meat. Europe and China are biggest consumer of pig.

Pork is a food with high protein and fat . A 100 gram of protein gives 297 kcal of energy and has 25.7 gran of proteins, 20.8 gram of fat. It contains all essential amino acid necessary for body growth and maintenance. Pork meat is also important source of vitamin and mineral.

The fat of pork should be white, firm , smooth. Similarly, the flesh should be pale pink while bone small , fine and pink. The lean flesh of pork should be pale pink.

Note :- pork is restricted and considered taboo among Jewish and Muslim .


  • Head can be used to make brown stock and soup . It is suitable for slow , long ,moist heat Medium of cooking
  • Ham is obtained from the thigh or hind leg of pork. It is preserve by curing or pickling in brine  then dried and smoked . English breakfast is incomplete without ham.it is often cured in salt brine and smoked and comes from the hind legs of pork which can be roasted , grilled or slow cooked.
  • Loin can be cured to give bacon. The loin can also be divided up into roasts, back ribs , pork cutlets and pork chops.
  • Picnic shoulder is tender , flavourful only when braised.
  • Spare ribs are taken from pigs rib and the meat surrounding the bones
  • The meat from belly can be used for steaks .
  • Bacon is obtained from the side and back of pork , preserve by salting and smoking.it is the most popular and flavourful cured pork product cut from side belly of pork which is then cured and smoked. The cut is high in fat. It is pan fried or baked.

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