Public Administration | concept | Definitions

All activities where human beings are involved is called administration. Administration practice is as old as human civilization. It can be applied on individual ,family  , National and international level.

The word  Administer is derived from Latin word ad + ministrate   which meant to serve people, to look after people. Public administration is concerned with management of public programs . Woodrow Wilson is considered as father of public administration . It is carried out by public servant who work in public department .

Public administration means management of public affairs not only at national, state and local level  of government but also at international level  . It is government administration . 

In sum public administration is :-

  • Part of executive branch of government.
  • It is related with activity of state.
  • It carries out public policies.
  • It is politically Neutral.
  • It is related to operation of government.
  • It provides service , function to people.

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