Responsibilities of chef Garde manger | chef Garde manger

Responsibilities of chef Garde manger 

  • He/she is the overall in charge of larder
  • He is responsible for efficient running  of the department and for co- ordination of the work between staff.
  • Responsibility for the trainee and discipline of the larder staff
  • Responsible for storage of food stuff in correct place at correct temperature.
  • Responsible for hygiene in the department.
  • He is responsible for maintaining a correct inventory of food stuff brought and taken outside larder room
  • Ensure smooth functioning of larder department
  • To check quality and quantity of all foods.
  • To carry out portion control
  • The food is not over stock
  • Stock of food are regularly turned over following FIFO rules; first in first out.

Lack of co- ordination between department results in duplication of work and confusion and wastage. 


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