Salad | Simple Salad | Compound Salad

The word salad is derived from Latin word 'salare ' which meant salted . Salad is cold food made of assorted food commodities in attractive manner . It is first course in menu of continental cuisine and often referred as starter or appetizer . Ingredients used in salad are made with combination of various dressings like mayonnaise, acidulated cream , vinaigrettes e.t.c 

Salad are nutritious , light and also can be served as a dessert after the main course . Generally sweet salad are served there. Similarly salad also increase food value of the dish to add eye appeal.

Types of salad :-

1. Simple salad :-  It is also known as single salad and is made of single ingredients except dressing , base and garnish. They are made of vegetables or fruits and are served as an accompaniment during mealtime. E. g cucumber salad and tomato salad

2. Compound salad :- It is made up of more than two ingredients mixed with liquid Dressing or semi liquid Dressing. E. g. Russian salad , coleslaw salad, chicken Hawaii . They are made up with combination of more than two ingredients like vegetables, meat , fish , poultry.

Compound salad are 4 types according to base , compound salad with fruit base , compound salad with vegetable base ,compound salad with poultry base and compound salad with fish base.

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