Carpet - Types and Problems

Carpet is thick and heavy woven or non - woven materials used to cover surface of various places like rooms , hall, stairs . The fibres used may be natural , artificial or both. Carpet is made of foundation and surface piles. Foundation is jute or cotton and surface pile is made of wool , cotton, nylon and silk. 

Components of carpet :-

  • Face fiber :- It is the top decorative part of carpet which can be touched directly . It is washed for its shine and cleaned

  • Primary backing :- It holds face fibre tightly . It is made of jute and synthetic

  • Secondary backing :- It supports primary backing and down most part of carpet . It is made of jute , synthetic, sponge which save carpet from dampness.

Types of carpet 

1. Woven carpet :-

  • It is hand made

  • It is expensive

  • It uses total woollen fibres

  • It is available in limited shape and size

  • It is durable and highly resilient

2. Non - woven carpet / Tufted carpet :-

  • It is machine made

  • It is made of synthetic fibre 

  • It is cheaper

  • It is available on various shape and size

  • It is used for wall to wall carpeting.


1. Shading :- Brushing and vaccuming should be done in one particular direction . If it is done in two different direction shading problem occurs

2. Fading :- Fading will make carpet colourless if it is faced sunlight directly  for times and If it is used for tear and wear movement .

3. Wicking :- It is absorbing the dampness by the carpet . It occurs when back support of carpet becomes moist or wet. 

4. Mildew :- It is fungus infection . It occurs when carpet is kept wet for longer time that cause stain , odour and rotting . Proper care of carpet is neceyto prevent it from mildew

5. Resilience :- The resilience refers ability of carpet to recover it's original shape after being crushed by traffics.  The carpet used in guest room should have more resilience properties 


  • Brush or vaccum carpet at first

  • Make foam of shampoo

  • Apply foam to carpet and brush it 

  • Rinse the carpet and use little disinfectant

  • Dry it with duster 

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