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Fish is an aquatic animal. It have gills and fins for breathing and swimming. Fish are generally cooked by poaching , steaming, baking , frying. It is rich in protein and vitamin. There are more than 24000 species of fish out of which 250 species are used for edible purpose.

Fish is a food having excellent nutritional value. It provides high quality of proteins and wide variety of vitamin and minerals. It is also considered as food for brain.

Classification of fish 

1. On the basis of water :-
  • Fresh water
  • Sea water 
Rohu , trout are fresh water fish while tuna, sole are sea water fish.

2. On the basis of shape :-
  • Round fish
  • Flat fish
Round fish gives two fillet where as flat fish gives four fillet.

3. On the basis of flesh
  • Oily fish 
  • White fish
Oily fish are round in shape and dark is tough to digest e g - salmon, eel

White fish are round or flat and have white flesh. Oil is stored in liver . The flesh is easily digestible. E. g  Rohu , trout.

      CUTS OF FISH :-

1. Fillet :-  it is boneless and skinless cut of fish of entire length

2. Darne :- it is slice of the round fish on the bone 

3. Tracon :- it is same as Darne but cut is from flat fish 

4. goujon :- fillet of fish is cut into strips of 3 inch * 1/4 inch.

5. Supreme :- fillet of large fish is cut into portion.

6. Paupiette :- fillet of fish is laid flat on the table , stuffing is spread then it is rolled up and tied.

7. goujonette :- it is same as goujon but more smaller strip cut is made and used as garnish 


1. Bright ,pink gills is sign of freshness of fish 

2. Fish with darker and black Gill is sign that it is not fresh

3. Fish should be odour less

4. The flesh should bounce back when pressed with finger

5. The eyes should be bright and not sunken

6. The scales should not fall easily ,it should be firmly attached , resist to fall.

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