Types of oil used in cooking

1 olive oil :-

They have very low smoking point and flash point due to which Olive oil is not suitable for deep frying . Smoking point is 165 degree Celsius . It is available as extra virgin and virgin form  . Virgin olive oil has higher smoking point.

2. Mustard oil :-

Mustard oil is common in South East Asia.  It has strong flavour. It is used to pickle vegetables .

3. Maize oil :-

It has smoke point of 230 degree Celsius. Unrefined maize oil have smoking point of 178 degree Celsius

4. Sunflower oil :-

Sunflower oil is available in refined and unrefined form . Refine sunflower oil have higher smoking point.

5. Soyabean oil :-

It is also used in kitchen and have good smoking point and flash point.

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