Types of soil | standards of Cleaning

Soil is the collective term for deposits of dirt, dust, foreign matter, stains and tarnish

1. Dust :- It is Composed of loose particles deposited from the air . It is heavier than air and thus settles rapidly. It contain both organic and inorganic matter.

2. Dirt :- This implies dust held together firmly by moisture or grease on rough service

3. Tarnish :- This is discolouring or deposition on metal cause by chemical reaction substance found in air , water.

4. Foreign matters :- These may be dead flowers , content of waste paper basket and ashtray.

5. Stain :- stains are difficult to clean by regular routine cleaning process. Any stain should be removed as soon as possible. It is discoloration caused on hard or soft surface by substance containing acids , alkalis , proteins, dyes


There may be different standard of cleaning for different surface and areas.

1. Physically clean :- when this standard is set ,the area or surface is supposed to be free from apparent dirt and dust

2. Chemically clean :- This standard means that the area should be free from harmful chemicals on surface and in surrounding air.

3. Bacteriologically clean :- To meet this standard,the surface should be cleansed so as to be free from any harmful bacteria causing infection

4. Entomologicalmy clean :- This meant that the area should be free from harmful insects and pests

5. Osmologically clean :- This cleaning standard demands that surface and areas should be free from inorganic and organic matter that emits an odour

6. Terminally clean :- It is standard of cleaning used in operational theatres and intensive care unit of hospital where the surface is constantly sanitized against all kind of microbes.

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