Raising Agents - yeast and Baking powder

Raising agents are the chemical substance that helps to increase the volume of any mixture. Baked goods should be light so they can be easily digested by our body. 

Raising agents are those ingredients that cause mixture to rise. Products can be aerated in several ways :- 
1. Using baking powder
2. Using yeast
3. Layering of fat in puff paste
4. Sifting the flour
5. By beating with eggs or egg white 

Yeast :- 

It is available in both fresh and dry form. When warmed the cells of yeast consume sugar and liquid producing carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide produce cause the mixture to lift and rise during baking.  Also yeast is rich in protein and vitamin B. 

Baking powder :- 

It is made from one part of sodium bicarbonate to two part of ascorbic acid. The majority of gas is released when mixture is heated as acid has delayed action . It should not be used in large quantity.

Baking soda :-

It does not contain any acid and should be use with acidic ingredients  . it is made of sodium bicarbonate and has no drying agents

How to use Baking powder :-

  • Mix Baking powder thoroughly with the flour
  • Measure accurate. Do not use more less
  • If use excess , products will collapse
  • Use with in month 
  • If use too less it will create heavy texture

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