The Sequence of service

The service sequence in restaurant can be divided in step. 

1. Preparation of Mis - en - place and Mis - en - scene before the start of service

2. Receiving and greeting the guests

3. Making seating arrangement

4. Pouring the water

5. Presenting the menu

6. Explaining the menu

7. Taking orders of food and beverage correctly

8. Taking care of guest for their comfortness

9. Service of food and beverage ( always serve the lady first if there are lady and a gent. children first , lady and gent if there are children, ladies, gents )

10. Remove extra cover ( never remove by carrying cutleries with hand,instead use napkin and place cutleries between napkin , roll it . Now place napkin in side plate and remove side plate)

11. Clear soiled crockery, cutlery

12. Present the bill

13. Receive the payment

13. Greet the guests and invite them again

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