Room Symbol and Room Numbering Method

In order to save time and space in the records , symbols and abbreviations are used in reception office.  The symbols are internally used by hotel staff and not used while dealing with guest for whom it is meaningless.

The common Room symbols used are :-

Single: ( SGL )
Room no: #
Suite : SU
Adult : A
Week: WK
Month : MTH
No. Of guest: pax
Single: SGL
Single lock : SL
Ground level : GL
Superior : SPR
Occupancy: X 
Twin : =
Standard : STD
Child : C
Inter connecting : *
Night : N
Two people in room : XX
Double lock : DL
Mountain view : MV
Pool side: PL
Double: +(DBL)


The floors of the hotel are numbered in sequence or in series but floor 13 and room number 13 does not exist in hotel because it is considered unlucky for westerners.

Room are numbered in American and British styles. British style is followed by world where, first floor begins above street level. In American style, floor is counted from ground level i.e ground level will be the the first floor.

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