Why is veal cruel?

Veal is a meat that comes from the flesh of slaughtered calf. The meat is pale and tender. Veal are usually slaughtered at 6 to 7 month of age and are milk feed. After 8 month veal meat becomes darker in colour which is known as rose veal. It is very rich in vitamin and mineral and low in cholesterol. The meat is high quality and tender as veal is milk feed instead of grains and grass. Bob veal is the meat from cattle upto 1 month of age maximum. For bob veal , calves are usually slaughtered at 2 hours or 2/3 days old. 

Fresh veal can be kept for one day in refrigerator. The meat can be sealed in air tight freezer bag and stored at -18 degree Celsius in freezer upto 12 months.

Veal is very popular in continental cuisine and is cruel to. A new born calf is not allowed to move . It is allowed to sit idle in small space so that it does less movement and colour of the meat remains pink all the time. Mostly slaughtered veal are male calf from jersey breed of cow. They don't lay milk and neither it is profitable to keep them for long time.so they are slaughtered within few hour after born. 

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