Cutlery , Crockery and Holloware

Service Equipment used in restaurant reflects the standard of restaurant. Service Equipment should be attractive, standard and elegant to look at. Food and beverage service Equipment may be divided into furniture, linens , glassware , tableware. Tableware includes all glassware , cutlery , flatware ,dishes.


Cutlery refers to the knives and other cutting implement. Various cutlery are used in hotel. They are group of knives having cutting edges. The various cutleries used in hotel are-

  • Ap knife :- It is used for having main course

  • Steak knife :- It is used for having steak food items

  • Fish knife :- It is used for having fish items.

  • Butter knife :- It is used for spreading butter

  • Fruit knife :- It is used for having fresh fruits

  • Cheese knife :- It is used for cutting cheese

2. FLATWARE :- It includes all form of spoons and fork. It is used by guest when they eat formally. They are also made of stainless steel.

Forks :

  • Service fork :- It is used with service spoon to serve food items

  • Fish fork :- It I used for fish items and appetizers

  • Dessert fork :- It is used for having dessert

  • Ap fork :- It is used for having dinner

  • Fruit fork :- It is used for having fresh fruits

Spoon :

  • Service spoon :- It is used along with service fork to serve food Items.

  • dessert spoon :- It is used for all desserts served in plate

  • Soup spoon :- It is used for having soup served in soup bowl 

  • Tea/ coffee spoon :- It is used to serve tea and coffee

HOLLOWARE :- They are silverware which is used for holding foods such as platter and bowls. Silverware should be Plated regularly as it is made of EPNS and tarnish periodically. HOLLOWARE are large or small dishes, pots which have hole in its inner part. Some HOLLOWARE are :-

  • Soup bowl :- It is used to serve soup

  • Water jug :- it is to serve water into guest water goblets / glass

  • Sauce boat :- It is used to present sauce

  • Ice bucket :- It is used hold ice cubes

  • Sugar pot :- It is used to hold sugar

  • Tea pots :- They have shorter sprouts used to hold Tea

  • Coffee pots :- They have long sprouts used to hold coffee

3. CROCKERY :- They are also called chinaware . They are three types of which bone china is the expensive and fine, earthenware is cheaper and opaque and vitrified.Vitrified earthenware are very durable and have strength. Bone china is used in few top class hotel. Earthenware is heavier ,less strong . There are wide variety of chinaware used which are :-

  • Side plate :- It have diameter of six inch

  • Dessert plate :- It have diameter of eight inch

Fishplate, Tea saucer , Tea pot, coffee saucer , Coffee cup, cruet sets , platter , ashtrays, Milk jugs , Flower vase , Milk jugs.

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