Importance and Impact of The Tourism

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in world and one of the best smokeless Industry that exists. Some importance of tourism are :

1. Source of Foreign exchange - Tourism is a source of foreign exchange as it helps to earn foreign currency. It contributes to 11.5% of total foreign exchange.

2. Generate employment - Tourism industry is valuable source of employment . When one tourist visit country it provide employment to ten job. It provides employment to large number of people ranging from unskilled to skilled manpower. More than 15% of employment is generated by Tourism industry.

3. Infrastructure development - Tourism industry also support in country infrastructure development. Central areas along with regional areas will be develop. Tourism helps in infrastructure development of all types 

4. Source of public revenue - Tourism is also source of public revenue. Government can earn income in form of tax , visa fee, mountaineering royalty e.t.c

5. Increase in standard of living - Tourism generates employment from where people can uplift their living Standard. 

6. Social exchange - Tourism helps in exchanging culture and tradition knowledge so healthy respect for each other culture and tradition develops. 

7. Preserve the local tradition - The local community realizes the importance of their local culture , tradition and start to preserve it. The lost tradition will revived because of tourism

8. Message of peace and social integration - Tourism creates message of peace and understanding . It also helps to build trust and understanding among People and brings people of different culture and tradition together


Tourism delivers benifit but it is not perfect. There are also impact of tourism and Tourism should always be planned.Improper planned tourism can create problems. Also , overdevelopment, Thoughtless development create various problem on the destination. There are many positive impacts of tourism but when they visit Destination they cause some in environment, economy and socio - cultural of destination which is known as impact of Tourism. 

Tourism has mainly impact on Economy , socio - cultural and Environment of destination. 

1. Environmental Impact -

Positive impact 
  • Protection of natural environment thus ecology would not decline
  • Improve waste management
  • Preservation of historical buildings and monuments. 
  • Increase awareness on development of environment. 
Negative impact 
  • Pollution
  • Loss of beautiful landscape for building hotel and resorts
  • Destruction of flora , fauna and ecology
  • Water shortage
  • Poaching, hunting and illegal trafficking of wildlife increases.
2. Economic Impact :-

Positive impact 
  • Tourism generates local employment thus contributes to income and standard of living
  • Improves local economy
  • Improve investment and infrastructure development
  • Tourism generates foreign exchange for country
  • Domestic industries development
  • Creates new business opportunities 
Negative Impact 
  • Increase price of goods and services
  • Increase price of land , building thus inflation
  • The job may pay low 
  • Increase cost of living
  • Profit may be taken from local places to another place by investors
3. Socio - cultural Impact 

Positive impact 
  • Improves quality of life
  • Promotes cultural exchange
  • Improves understanding among different culture
  • Preserves cultural identity of destination
Negative impact
  • Excessive drinking, alcoholism and gambling increases
  • Prostitution and crime increases
  • Smuggling increases
  • Lifestyle change
  • Traffic congestion and overcrowding
  • Long term damage results in society of destination.

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