Alcoholic Beverages - Fermented, distilled and compound

Alcoholic Beverages - Fermented, distilled and compound

It is potable liquid with ethyl alcohol ranging from 2% to 75 % in it.
Alcoholic beverages are produced by introduction of yeast for fermentation. During fermentation the yeast converts sugar into carbon dioxide and ethanol/ ethyl alcohol. Sugar is present in the cereals or molasses or in plant extract. Ethyl alcohol vaporizes at temperature of 78.5 degree Celsius. Alcoholic beverages are three types :-

1. Fermented Alcoholic Beverages 

2. Distilled alcoholic Beverages

3. Compound Alcoholic Beverages.

1. Fermented Alcoholic Beverages :-

Fermentation is the process where sugar present in cereal , fruit and molasses is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by the use of yeast which is single cell micro organism. The examples of fermented Alcoholic Beverages are :- 


2. Distilled Alcoholic beverage :-

Distillation is the process of converting liquid in vapour by heating and again condensing it back into liquid form . It is a very simple process where we obtained clear and pure alcohol by heating liquid fermented mashed . The boiling point of alcohol is 78.5 degree Celsius while water is 100 degree Celsius. When fermented mashed is heated it evaporates and later is collected again through condensation. To make distilled alcoholic beverage, wine or other fermented fruits / plant juice/starch which are fermented earlier is distilled. It is used to make hard liquor. 

Distillation Equipment consists of three parts , container in which fermented mashed is heated, condensor in which vapour are cooled and collector where distilled liquid(spirit) is collected.

Example of distilled alcoholic beverages are Gin, vodka, whisky, rum,tequila, brandy e.t.c


Spirit is the potable alcoholic liquid obtained from distillation of fermented mashed or juice of fruits. It is obtained after distillation of any fermented cereal , fruits, vegetable, botanical plants. It has very high ethanol content.

3. Compound Alcoholic beverage :-

Compound Alcoholic Beverages are mixed Beverage which are blended by carefully extracting flavour , colour and sweetness from various herbs , fruits , plants and nuts. Oil and essence are extracted by infusion method or maceration method which are very essential to be extracted for compound alcoholic Beverage.

The types of Compound Alcoholic Beverages are :-


Liqueurs :- They are sweetened, flavoured and colourful alcoholic beverage. Liqueur is an alcoholic beverage made from distilled spirit that has been flavoured with Fruits,herbs ,spices , flower or nut and bottled with added sugar. It is served in small quantities and has at least 2.5% sugar content and Upto 50% alcoholic content by volume. The modern commercial liqueur industry was developed in France by Marie Brizard .we can say , liqueurs are drinks prepared by mixing spirit with different fkavouring and aromatizing agents.

Liqueurs are categorized into three main base:-

1. Fruit based

2. Herb based

3. Plant and Nuts based 

Fruit based liqueur have various colour and alcohol volume ranging from 18% to 43%. They are used in making cocktails . Example- Cointreau , Triple sec , various creme de e.t.c

Herb based liqueur have medical properties and used in cocktails . It is also available in various colour usually golden. Example- Anisette , Galliano ,creme De menthe .

Plants and Nuts based liqueur are derived of plants usually. It have distinct flavour and significantly less alcohol by volume then fruit or herb based. Example - Bailey Irish cream , creme de cacao , kahlua , Tia Maria , Malibu.

2. BITTERS :- Bitters are Compound Alcoholic Beverages made from mixture of spirits , plants, barks , roots and aromatic agents. They are also used in cocktails and may have higher alcoholic volume. Types of Bitters are:-

Angostura bitter :- It comes from a town in Venezuela called Angostura. It may have alcoholic volume of 43% and used in various cocktails.

Jagermeister :- It is german made and dark brown bitter with flavour of herbs and spices. It is very popular in club .

Campari :- It is served mixed with soda and also used in cocktail. It is Italy in origin and have light flavour of orange peel with alcoholic volume 24.5% . It also have flavour of light quinine.

Amer picon :- It is of French origin with flavour of quinine, orange peel and herbs. It can be served with soda .

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