Basic Dining Etiquette for Food and Beverage service Personnel

All the personnel working in food and beverage department should have these Etiquettes. Without these Etiquettes they will not be able to perform job efficiently and maintain customer satisfaction. Some basic Etiquette are :-

  • Attend the guest as soon as they enter in restaurant

  • Greet them and help to remove their overcoats, coats 

  • Ask them where would they like to seat ; smoking zone / non smoking zone , AC / Non AC zone and helping bin seating arrangement helping lady or elder people to seat 

  • Pour water in their glasses. 

  • Present the menu and explain the menu but do not interrupt while guest are having conversation.

  • Taking orders  correctly

  • Avoid mannerism like touching hair , nose picking

  • Stand erect all the time

  • Talk softly 

  • Be attentive to their calls

  • Do not make guest wait for bills

  • Avoid arguing with service staff and guests

  • Crumb the table before dessert

  • Remove tips after guest have left the restaurant

  • Entering and leaving restaurant through service door

  • Carrying pencil on pocket

  • Present with proper grooming and hygiene

  • Never forgetting to carry waiter tools
  • Talking slowly and politely .

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