Dealing with Terrorism

Dealing with Terrorism 

Several hotels have been targeted by terroists . Marriott Islamabad , Taj Mahal india e.t.c are hotel that are already targeted by Terroists. Terrorism can be dealt and is possible to deal it after following several precautions. Similarly, The Housekeeping can also follow the given tips to reduce chance of planting dangerous materials on hotel properties as they are ear and eye of establishments. Many hotels are procuring standard operating procedures to deal with Terrorism. Some precautions are given below :

1. Limit the installation and use of litter bins all around the hotel. The litter bins should have small opening and should be visible by c.c cameras in hotel. Use of clear bag is best

2. Keep public and communal areas clean and tidy

3. Keep less furniture so all area can be monitored easily

4. lock unoccupied office , storage and rooms

5. Do not touch suspicious items

6. Notify the police in case of suspicious items

7. Maintain fire fighting equipment

8. Keep all vehicle at safe place

9. Proper screening of handbag and metal detector should be used at gates

10. Immediately follow safety precautions if there are constant threat calls

11. Keep VIP in the house profile low in hotel .

12. Room attendant should report suspicious activities immediately

13. Report the matter immediately to security I'd some one ask security of hotel related questions .

14. There should be security staff and c.c camera installed in all place of hotel.

15. Staff should be trained well to handled safety precautions

16. Never panic and make other panic. Take decision calmly.

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