Dealing With Safe Deposit

Safe deposit are facility provided by hotels in which Resident guests can keep their valuables and important documents in safekeeping. These lockers are located behind front office and front office cashier is custodian of lockers. It take guest keys and cashier key to open locker. 

  • Upon request from guest, empty locker is looked

  • Safety locker registration card is hand over

  • Locker number is written on registration card 

  • Have the guest sign it

  • Turn cashier key and enter locker key

  • Let  guest deposit his valuables giving privacy

  • Guest will lock with his key , lock again with cashier key

  • Wish the guest and leave premise with guest

A sample format , 

                          Safe Deposit Record

Box no :.                                 Guest name:

Room no:.                              Cashier:

Authorized signature:

Date :.              Time:.          Guest signature:

Note:  A charge of 10 pounds will be made for lost key. 

Each time , guest withdraws the property , he should assign register where signature is verified and the safes are always secured by two keys.

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