Types of Fats used in Cooking

We have discussed types of oils and butter, Margarine earlier. Now we will talk about some more fats used in cooking :-

1. Lard :- Lard is the rendered fat from pigs. It has very high fat content but not used now days due to health awareness. Rendering us us the process where the fats are heated on a low temperature to remove non - fatty membrane 

2. Suet :- Suet is produced from the hard fat found around the kidneys of beef , cattle. It is fat from beef mainly and us replaced by butter and margarine. 

3. Dripping :- It is animal fat produced from fatty or unusable part of carcass of pig or beef. It is used for deep or shallow Frying. 

4. Schmaltz :- Poultry fat is schmaltz . It is used in Jewish Cuisine. France produces superior lard and suet


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