Sectors of Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry is a multi billion industry with which mainly can be divided into :-

1. Private sector :- Industries are owned by group of individuals which may include franchise also are private sectors. The private sectors includes Hotel, entertainment product, Travel and Tourism e.t.c

2. Public and Government sector :- Industries owned by the government or public association are public and Government includes planning and development, immigration , custom and exercise.

Also the sectors of Hospitality Industry can be classified in the base of Hospitality service provider which includes :-

1. Accomodation - This sectors features hotel, motels , suites , resort and other facilities that offer lodging , fooding when people travel. 

2. Food and beverage - The food and beverage can range from fast food restaurant to fine dining restaurant. It can be either quick service establishment, catering business or full service restaurant.

3. Travel and Tourism - It includes Travel agency , airlines, cruise ship . The Hospitality Industry cannot be grow without Travel and Tourism .

They are the backbone of Hospitality Industry to promotes. 

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