Difference Between Domestic and International Tourism

Domestic Tourism -

Under Domestic Tourism a citizen of the country visits place within the borders of the country. 

The domestic tourists uses the local currency i.e this country currency for travel expenses.

The travel process is easy as the domestic tourist do not have to fulfill any formalities

Convincing domestic tourists is easy and they are easy to satisfy

It is difficult for government to keep statistics of domestic tourists .

International Tourism -

Under international Tourism , the tourists crosses the border of his country to visit another country .

The International tourists meet all his travel expenses in foreign currency

All the formalities has to be completed prior before visiting another country

The International tourists has to use foreign language or language of country visited. 

The need and thinking of international Tourist is different so satisfying them is not easy and difficult.

It is easy and convenient for a country to maintain statistics of international Tourist as they have to fill in immigration form when entering the country.

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