Etiquettes on Telephone

Telephone is very fast and reliable source of communication. Correct exchange of message is very crucial as a slight mistake will convey message differently.  Numerous incoming and outgoing calls are handled by telephone operator in large hotel. Some Etiquettes of Telephone operators are  :-

  • Be cheerful and alert while handling calls

  • Be hygienic, well groomed and avoid speaking rudely to speaker

  • Speak clearly and answer call promptly

  • Never disconnect the telephone without asking

  • Speak slowly and clearly  with politeness

  • Chewing of gum or beetle nuts should be avoided and caller should not be waited for long time in telephone line.

  • They should have good memory of house directory and important telephone number

  • They should know in mind that telephone cost money and is not a toy.

  • He should not shout and use vulgar words and be helpful.

  • Unfamiliar and short language which may be difficult to understand should be avoided  and don't interrupt while someone is speaking.
  • Listen carefully and note all important talk on phone

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