Haute Cuisine and Fusion Cuisine

Haute cuisine tradition was developed in France . The French have very much love for food and so eventually Haute cuisine developed where food items were cooked by very skilled chef in very fancy and attractive manner. The food items served have small portion that were skillfully cooked and presented on table. It is also called grande cuisine . The Haute cuisine was available in high level establishment, gourme Restaurant and luxury Hotels. The food items served were off seasoned , consumed time to cook and used Ingredients not typically found in France. It was very expensive cuisine. 

FUSION CUISINE :- Fusion cuisine is simple where unique dishes are created by blending two or more culinary tradition from different areas. It is a cuisine that combines different culinary tradition originated from different countries, Regions , culture. There is wide practice of fusion cuisine worldwide and trend of fusing European and Asian food in Asia. Greeks are in foremost rank of having fusion cuisine along with other cuisine. 

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