Food and Beverage Service

Food and beverage service simply is process of serving prepared food and beverage to customers in hospitality manner. Food and beverage service may be various kind depending upon nature of establishment , menu served,customer and their eating habits, price offered. These factors directly affects the types of food and beverage service. 


It refers to service of food and beverage in restaurant to customer by service man. This service is mostly implemented in fine dining and specialty restaurant where number of staff are large. The restaurant captain takes order of meals and drinks from the guest 

1. American service :- 

American service is also called pre - plated service as the food items served to guest is already plated in plate by cook in Kitchen. The server simply delivered food in front of guest. It is fast food service and can be applied to both types of menu. 

Service style :

  • The server delivers food item already portioned and plated in plate from kitchen or sideboard to customer table.

  • The food is served from right hand side of guest and moving clockwise

  • Always remember to put main course at 6 o'clock position while serving

  • Remove soiled plate from right hand side with right hand and crumb the table after guest have finished main course

2. Silver service :-

It is also known as platter to plate service and is very systematic service which can be applied to Russian, French , English service. Silver Service requires skill of handling service spoon and fork and high quality silverware.

Service method :

  • Collect dishes and take them to sideboard at first

  • Crumb the table after each main course

  • Always ensure wine glass are full all times

  • Serve accompaniment and sauce straight away

  • Present main course and seek approval of host. after the host approves, served food from left hand side using service spoon and fork and move clockwise 

  • Hold platters with left hand while plating to guest table and placed clean plates from right side of guest. 

3. ROOM SERVICE :- Room service is headed by room service manager.  It is responsible for service of food and beverage in the guest room and is operated 24 hour a day. Order is received in telephone and delivered straight to guest room on a trolley with wheel. 

Service method 

  • Leave quietly after delivering food items and clear the soiled dishes as per instruction of guests.
  • Take the order correct and do not delay service.inform immediately if service is delayed
  • Place orders in KOT / BOT  and after taking orders give the KOT / BOT to captain who then hands to waiter. 
  • The KOT / BOT should have all necessary details filled from room number to order taken time , signature 
  • The waiter set up trolley with linen, cutlery , crockery and required Equipment
  • First copy of KOT is handed to kitchen, second copy to Cashier and the order is picked from kitchen
  • Room service captain inspect and check the order and let the waiter go with trolley after handing the bill.
  • If the DND sign is displayed in table , waiter calls front desk from floor telephone and the guest is informed about coming room service order.
  • Present the bill after placing trolley in appropriate position inside guest room . If the guest signs it ensure it is signed properly and if he pays, check the amount discreetly. 
  • The signed bills are prepared to front office cashier who posted it to guest folios.
4. BUFFET SERVICE :-  In buffet service the dishes are displayed in  containers in proper sequence. The guest moves and select dishes of their choice . Also, in buffet service is divided into different section naming soup, appetizers, vegeterian, non vegetarian. It feeds large number of people and organized for function, parties.some types of buffet are:-

  • Stand up buffet : in stand up buffet , guest are expected to stand and eat using one piece of cutlery. Sitting arrangement is minimum and staff are in ready position to fill drinks, buffet from kitchen. 

  • Sit down buffet : The sitting arrangement are made as per number of pax . It is also called table buffet. The cutlery , crockery, napkin Required are already set up in table. Light dishes are served by waiter in table except main dish. 

  • Finger buffet : Dishes are eaten with finger without cutlery.  Staff collects empty plates and fill drinks. dishes are collected from buffet.

Gueridon is moveable service trolley with flambe from which food may be carved , prepared and served . The food items are prepared in trolley with showmanship adjacent to guest dining table which influence dining experience. This service may be applied to French , russian services. This service was invented by Henry Charo and this service is very luxurious service 

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