The French Classical Menu | 17 course French Classical Menu

The French classical menu consists of  seventeen courses. Menu of seventeen courses is hardly offered now days . The seventeen courses of French classical menu were :

1. Hors d' oeuvre ( Appetizer) :-

They are tangy and spicy inorder to stimulate the appetite / our hunger and increase appetite. They are popular nowdays too and are served with fish knife and fish fork. They are two types: classical ( pre - plated items) and General ( platter to plate). Hors d' oeuvre are served in small quantities at the beginning of the meal. Example: prawn cocktail, smoked ham, smoked salmon

2. Potage ( soup) :-

Potage were served as second course. Potage refers to soup. Soup like consomme and creme, veloute , puree were served in this course.It stimulates the appetite for heavier courses to follow. 

3. Oeuf ( Egg) :-

Oeuf were Third courses and was not included in dinner menu. Light fluffy omelette and egg - en - cocotte are served such as omelette Espagnole, scrambled omelette with bacon, Mushroom omelette

4. Farineaux (  pasta ) :-

Farineaux were served as fourth course and includes all pasta and rice dishes. This course was Italian contribution to French menu. Pasta dishes like spaghetti, Lasagne were served in different style 

5. Poisson ( Fish ) :-

Fish were served as fifth course which includes fried or poached sole, bekti , Cod and shellfish such as lobster , prawn, crab , shrimp.generally sole and white bait were fried.

6. Entree ( first meat course):-

Entree was served as sixth course . It was first meat course on the French classical menu . Entree meant entrance and was small and well garnished accompanied by very rich sauce or gravy . Example : poulet' saute , supreme D' volaille sir cloche , Mixed grill e.t.c

7. Releve (second meat course):-

Releve is second meat course which includes large joint of meat such as roast rib of beef , joint of lamb/ mutton/ pork.

8. Sorbet :-

Sorbet was served as eighth course . It was rest course in a long meal . Flavoured ice water or meringue flavour with champagne or liqueur were taken to refresh palate. Cigar and cigarette were also passed around which includes mostly Cuban cigar, russian and Turkish cigarettes

9. Roti ( Roast ) :-

Roti was ninth course which consists of roast of game, chicken, turkey , duck quails.The dish was accompanied by by its own particular sauce and gravy . Example :- roast quail, braised duck, poulet roti au jus

10. Legumes ( vegetables) :-

These were served separately as individual course or were served along the entree, releave or roast course. Example :- asparagus, artichoke , cauliflower mornay , grilled tomato

11. Salads :-

Various types of  salad were served in this course as eleventh course.

12. Buffet froid ( cold buffet) :-

In this course, chilled meat of small pieces were served.

13. Entremets ( sweet dishes) :-

This was a sweet dish that may be hot or cold and comes in large variety. Example :- puddings, souffles,black forest , caramel custard , Ice cream e.t.c.were served 

14 . savoureaux ( savour items) :-

A dish of pungent taste such as pickled fruits were served as fourteenth course. They were served Hot in toast example :- scotch woodcock , canapé Diane .

15.  Fromage ( cheese) :-

A cheese was served after or before sweet courses. It was generally served with butter - biscuits , crackers , celery as accompaniment

16. Dessert ( fruits) :-

This comprises fresh fruits and nuts. It was served at end but not after tea and coffee.

17. Boissons ( Beverage) :-

After fruits and nuts , tea and coffee was served then cigarette and cigar were passed around. Cold beverage were also taken.

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