The word Gin is derived from French word 'genievre' which meant juniper. Holland was the first country to produce gin . It is called Gin because juniper is the most dominant flavour with in Gin. Gin is distilled alcoholic beverages obtained from fermented mash of grain like barley , corn and flavour with juniper berry , various herbs. The alcoholic strength of Gin lies between 40 % - 50 % by volume . Gin is not aged. 

Types of Gin 

1. London dry gin : This is what people thinks of gin. London dry gin is very popular. They are dry ,very dry and have heavy juniper flavour. They goes very good with cocktail. The name is London dry gin but it does not meant that it can be produce only in London. It can be produced  all over the world.

2. Plymouth Gin : It is less dry compared to London dry gin. It must be made in Plymouth , England. They have earthy flavour as they are infused with more roots. There is one brand of Plymouth Gin.

3. Dutch gin : They are also called Genever gin . It is very different in colour and in taste. it is clear , juniper dominated malted grain based spirit. It can be only made in Holland . The best way to understand Dutch gin is to think it as child of marriage between Gin and whisky.

4. Old Tom gin : It is sweeter and served on Tom Collins glass. It tastes between Genever and London dry gin.

Gin is served on Hi ball glass or whisky tumbler with Ice cubes , soda water , tonic water and slice of lemon /lime.

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