The Guest Cycle

The front office personnel needs to know the stages through which guest goes during his/her stay. A guest interacts with hotel and it's Department over four broad stages known as Guest Cycle.

1. Pre - arrival

2. Arrival

3. Occupancy

4. Departure

The guest interacts with certain external agencies to make cycle complete. He may interact with travel agent , tour operator e.t.c

1. Pre - arrival :- This is the stage when a guest makes contact with hotel before he /she even sees property. Choice of hotel may be through word of mouth , previous experience or intermediaries. The guest may choose to contact directly Reservation Department who is able to confirm or not Room availability.

2. Arrival :- when the guest reaches property of hotel , next point of contact is door man who opens transport door. He alerts the bell boy to be at porch who guide guest with baggage to registration door. The guest relation executive  welcomes guest, help to fill form and guest registers himself in hotel.the information desk allot a key and Bell boy direct way towards Guestroom leading guest.

3. Occupancy:- During occupancy, guest visits bars, restaurant, health club and swimming pool, telephone for wake up calls , room service , concierge for messages , doorman for hailing taxi . The guest uses various services provided by hotel and it's outlet

4. Departure :- The guest contact bell desk for removal of his baggage. He interacts with front office cashier to settle his bills and leave hotel property.

This is how a guest completes his cycle . It starts with pre - arrival and ends after Departure.  He guest with four distinct cycle which is known as guest cycle.

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