Roman Cuisine

Roman and all Italian cuisine where transformationaly influence by introduction of new world crop by Spanish  ' Tomato '. Roman Cuisine comes from Italian city of Rome which features fresh , simple and seasonal ingredients. Roman Cuisine is vast and varied . There is huge amount of different food and dishes to feast on . Rome was gastronomical centre during ancient age. 

The Romans used Cereals to make bread and also meat from animals and birds. They used to have three meals a day , Breakfast lunch and dinner . Breakfast was called inetaculum , Lunch - prandium and dinner - Cena. 

So now question may arise to us , what they used to eat? They used to eat cereals pancake. Similarly,  at midday they used to have light meal of fish , vegetables and cold meat , bread . The Roman were very fond of Fish , they used to identify from the taste that at what time they were caught. Talking about dinner ,the poor used to have simple dinner just porridge and vegetables. The porridge was made of Cereal. Similarly the rich were able to afford for meat so they used to have a various course meal , meat and wine. The Roman did not seat on table like us. Small children and slave used to eat by sitting on floor. The rich used to have wild meat of deer , goat , chicken , ostrich , wild pig. They used to eat with their finger so slave used to wash their hands. 

There was no class division at first among Roman but it Rised at peak as time passed . The rich used to have elaborate parties and The adult lay on sloping couches around square table. The difference in cuisine habit was clearly seen as class discrimination started. Several world cuisine is influenced by Roman Cuisine. 

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