Fire Prevention In Hotel

Fire are caused due to various cause in hotel. It may be prevented and eliminated if all fire hazards are identified. Some common cause of fire are :-

1. Guest smoking in bed

2. Using high watts bulbs in lamps

3. Not providing Ashtrays 

4. Using faulty Electrical Equipment

5. Usinh combusting materials carelessly

6. Leaving high power lens in sun .


Fire are classified into four groups, based on their source of fuel

Class A :- 

These are fire with trash , wood  , paper or other combustible material as source of fuel

Class B :- 

These are fires with flammable or combustible liquid as their fuel source

Class C :-

These are fire involving electrical equipment

Class D :-

These are fire with ignitable metals as the fuel source 

For fire safety,  fire alarm , sprinklers and smoke detector are used in hotel. The most common type of fire alarms are the one operated by pull station ( you have to break the glass and pull the switch) which are located in corridor , lobbies , elevator. Sprinklers spray water from ceiling when temperature rise. Smoke detector detects smoke and set alarm

In case of Fire emergency :-

In case a fire breaks out ,

1. Immediately switch on nearest fire alarm

2. Always use fire extinguisher aiming at base of fire 

3. Close all electronic switch and windows

4. Direct the guest to near fire exit

5. Do not use lift or you will stuck ending up dead

6. Be calm and act thought fully

7. Call the local fire station

8. Cover the door thoroughly with cloth so that smoke is not entered in room and face your mouth in floor and breath as hot air rise up and fresh air will be at bottom of floor


1. Dry powder 

2. Dry chemical foam

3. Halon liquid

4. Carbon dioxide

5. Water gas extinguisher

Similarly, know the type of fire and use that extinguisher but never spray water on electrical fire 

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