Writing Letter For Reservation

                                           Biratnagar , Morang
                                            25th February 2020

Mr. Deepan
Room Divison Manager
Karki Hotel,
Beijing, China

                  Ref: Request for room reservation

Dear Mr.Deepan, 

Your hotel was recommend to me by  my neighbour Mr. Tony stark , who is regular visitor of your hotel. Would you please send me details of your hotel facilities and let me know if you have any room vacancy during April 2020?

I need a suite Room facing garden . I am on a business travel. Do you have any special corporate package? I would probably stay a week in your hotel. So please arrange Reservation from April 20 to 27th. 

Hoping earliest information from you.


                                                      Steve Rogers

  • Well, while writing a letter for Reservation, clearly mention about your expectations and special requirements along with your schedule detail. 
  • Always state thanks and use polite words
  • Refer the person with right name.
  • The letter should be short, sweet and meaningful.


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