Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine has been influenced by other Culture and Greek are foremost in the rank of having fusion cuisine. In 350 B.C when Alexander the Great extend the Greek empire from Europe to India , certain influence were absorbed into Greek cuisine similarly, In 146 B.C Greek fell into the Romans which resulted bonding of Roman influence into Greek Cooking. Greek cuisine is. Simply elegant and beautiful and cooking was always Important and significant in Greek society .

The Greek cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine which makes wide uses of Vegetables, olive , olive oil, grams, fish, wine, Meat and pasta along with cheese , yogurt , herbs , bread, lemon juice.

The most common used grains are wheat and Barley and Greek cuisine have History of thousand years. Bread products are also consumed a lot . Greek is a nation of small farmers who produce cheese, oils, Fruits , grain, legumes and vegetables. The taste are supplemented by the array of green and herbs that grows in wild , mountain. Thyme , oregano, Basil , Mint  are used abundantly .

The Greek climate is perfect for growing oils and Lemon trees . Also , The vegetables like Eggplant , Zucchini and all types of legumes is consumed. 20% of Greek is made of island so fish and sea food are very popular. Lamb and goat meat are consumed on holiday , festival. Vineyard covers the hilly area so winery is also priority for Greeks. 

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