Restaurant Furniture

Restaurant Furniture are made of different materials out of which wood is the most commonly used material. It is strong and resist to stains ,wears.  Plastic and fibres , steel , aluminium are also used extensively which are durable , lighter , easy to clean. They are also available in large amount of colour and design. The furniture should be durable , it should have right shape and size, easy to maintain and repair.


Chairs are available in varieties of design , material, colours. The seat should be 45 cm high from ground which would enable guest to sit and eat comfortably. It should be 1m of high and seating cushion should be 18 inch in all side. Chairs are classified as :-

1. Restaurant dining chair

2. Garden chair

3. Banquet chair

4. Pool side chair

5. Bar chairs

6. Fast food restaurant chairs


Table is used for holding articles such as food at comfortable height when sitting . Table can be made of wood, plastic , metal, glass. The ideal height of dining table is 30 inch. The shape of table is usually three types. They are round, square, rectangular.

1. Rectangular table : It should be 5 feet * 3 feet to seat 4  people and 6 feet * 3 feet for six 

2. Square table :- It should be 76 cm square for two people and 90 cm square to seat four people

3. Round table :- It should be 3 feet * 3 inch in diameter for four people seating arrangement and 150 cm in diameter for six to eight seating arrangement

Also there are various tables like ; Banquet tables, Bar tables , Garden tables , fast food tables, pool side tables .

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  1. In the hospitality industry furniture is very important item that impress to clients. A stylish furniture can create positive impact on customers.This is right it should be strong and stylish. If you have some design of hospitality tables and chairs please share I want to buy.


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